IV Vitamin Therapy - Delaware

Wilmington, DE

Whether you’re in recovery mode or want to improve your “baseline”, our Hydration Lounge is the place for you! Enjoy complete comfort while you restore your body with an IV infusion curated just for your needs.

Hydration Lounge

What does IV vitamin therapy do?

Over time, our bodies become depleted of vital nutrients due to stress, injury, physical demands, chronic health infections, heavy metal and chemical toxicities.
IV infusion is the most efficient way to deliver vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream. The result? You feel better — faster!

So, if you’re feeling:
● Dehydrated
● Hungover
● Sick

Or if you want to:
● Improve your athletic ability
● Promote your body’s self-healing capability
● Combat the aging process

IV vitamin therapy could be just what you need!

What are the benefits of IV vitamin therapy?

IV vitamin therapy helps you achieve optimal health. Here are the top reasons to try IV vitamin therapy:
● Enhanced energy levels without crashes or side effects
● Strengthened immune system to combat colds, flu, and other viral infections
● Optimum fat burning to achieve weight loss and fitness goals
● Accelerated recovery from jet lag
● Ideal cure for a hangover
● Fast-track solution for migraine headaches and muscle cramps
● Whole body detox to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin and body cells
● Comprehensive nourishment to mitigate the harmful effects of stress and anxiety
● Relief from symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, colitis/Crohn’s, IBS, asthma, chronic fatigue, depression, adrenal dysfunction, auto-immune disease, and more.

Is IV Vitamin Therapy Safe?

Absolutely! Our staff has been specially trained to ensure our patients never experience the negative side effects that can result from improperly prepared IV solutions. All infusions are administered by our experienced Registered Nurses. All infusions are supervised by Dr. Thomas.